Integrate by connecting everything fast


Integration like never before

Organizations seek our help for integrating Salesforce seamlessly into their 3rd Party software solutions, to arrive at a well defined, customized software solution. Our extensive experience in Cloud Services, server based and external database solutions help us integrate your software with utmost ease, thereby extending functionality by leaps and bounds.

Why is there a need to integrate with Salesforce?

Every business uses different software to perform their day to day business functions. In order to perform each and every function to the hilt, it’s imperative for the software to be able to communicate with each other to derive maximum benefits. This way, data can flow from one source to another, without too much connectivity hassles. By integrating all such solutions into Salesforce, we help companies arrive at a consolidated, yet centralised and a collaborative business process platform, which is controlled through Salesforce.

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How does the integration process flow?


  • Integration through custom adapter: All integrations between and 3rd party software are performed through and self hosted apps. This way, we are able to streamline the integration process and avoid any unprecedented hiccups in the integration procedures.
  • Integration through APIs: : Since Salesforce supports SOAP and Rest based APIs, we can help organizations perform integrations seamlessly through APIs. Our team of experts know how to integrate with APIs without any extra efforts or issues.
  • Integration through Web Services: When it comes to connecting multiple solutions, we use platforms like and Salesforce Visualforce to create a real-time integration mechanism. The end result is a well integrated platform which works like clockwork.

Benefits to customers


  • Multiple integrations: We enable multiple integrations channels, so that an organization can integrate custom adapters to create an integration service bus.

  • Mobile Integration with Salesforce: :  Enjoy greater mobility, as you experience greater flexibility with our customized Salesforce integrated mobile solutions.

  • AppExchange Integration Apps: Our tailored expertise can help create customized AppExchange compatible integration Salesforce apps for different Software Vendors.