Introduction to development on


Say hello to the most powerful, scalable and secured cloud computing platform, It helps you put your apps in the hands of everyone, making it one of the most well known customizable app platforms till date.
Your business can harness the power of Lightning Force to build and deploy powerful apps. It comes with a full suite of admin handy tools, which can prove to be handy for business users and developers alike. This way, the app building process can be thoroughly automated, in turn processing complex business within a matter of minutes.

Benefits of harnessing the Lightning effect


Employ the speed with minimal coding is fast in every sense; at the same time, it uses minimal coding, which makes it a perfect match for your business.


Form Builder

Utilize several inbuilt functionalities, which include the likes of drag and drop, UIs and other components, all aimed at easing development and perfecting deployment.

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Enhanced security

Delve deeper into the power of enhanced security, which makes’s architecture all the more secure and fool proof.


Mobile and SMO applications are built in such a way so that they can run on any platform, which includes iPhone and iPads, along with other smartphones. Welcome a well defined mobile optimized platform within your business.

SurmountSoft’s approach

Discovering strategies

We excel in the process of requirement gathering, while assessing the choices of your business. This way, we are able to provide you with relevant technical costing and feasibility extent.

Creating prototypes

We believe in easing out the prototype procedures so that your business does not have to indulge in the headache of creating customized prototypes.

Development and Testing

Once the prototypes are developed, we help you design and implement strategies as a part of our testing process.

Launching the finalised product

As a part of the final prototype process, once the product’s requirements are finalised, we launch the product, to help your business garner maximum benefits. We create it, we launch it for you.